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Rishihood School of Education creates educators who make difference through impactful learning. At Rishihood, we seek to improve teaching, learning and human development by preparing educators for rapidly changing and increasingly technological society.

Faculty and students at Rishihood engage in capacity building, research, and innovations across the world.


The pedagogical model of the school of education at Rishihood university on these five elements:

1. Engagement: Strengthen student-teacher relation through Engagement.

2. Exploration: Expand student’s perspectives through Exploration.

3. Explanation: Nurture integrated learning through Explanation.

4. Elaboration: Build ability to transfer and generalize learning for Elaboration.

5. Evaluation: Support continuous comprehensive learning through multiple feedback and Evaluation.


  • B.A (Counselling Psychology)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education Program
  • IN-STEP (In-Service Teacher Education Program)
  • Pre-STEP ( Pre-Service Teacher Education Program)
  • Professional Development Programs

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Leaders of our society have never been generals or kings but rishis. When you are a rishi, you become blessings to the mankind. This is Rishihood.

The name Rishihood signifies the state of being a Rishi, and is derived from Swami Vivekananda’s legendary discourse.

Swami Vivekananda is the philosophical mentor to Rishihood University. His ideas motivate us to conceive a paradigm of education where we prepare ‘Rishis’ - people who become a blessing to the mankind through their thoughts and actions.

He was a visionary monk and social reformer. In his short life of 39 years, he had traveled the world to spread the message of peace, written 9 volumes on deep knowledge on philosophy, education, religion, nation and much more. After 150 years of his birth, he continues to inspire, guide and move people.