About Us

Rishihood University is an upcoming hub of education in Delhi NCR. The founders of Rishihood University bring decades of experience in setting up educational institutes. We have seen the challenges and opportunities that come in the way of Indian youth. Through our engagements with the industry and the society, we recognize the gaps that exist in education and aim to provide an education that is relevant for the society and the self, thereby creating an environment of applied learning. Our courses are being designed so that each RU student is nurtured to contribute to the society in a positive way. Combination of application, innovation and critical thinking will define our course structure and approach to learning.



Ajay Gupta

Founder Chairman: Bachpan Play School & Academic Heights Public School
Dr Mahesh Gupta

Dr. Mahesh Gupta

Founding Chairman: Satyakiran Healthcare

Rakesh Aggarwal

Founder President: Gateway Education

Sahil Aggarwal

Co-founder: Vision India Foundation
B.Tech IIT Delhi, MA Diplomacy Jindal Global University

Soumya Garg

Board Member and Chief Executive Director: Rishihood University