At Rishihood we offer to customize the program, giving chance to study things that really inspire students. Each customization is based on fulfilling the credit requirements to successfully complete the degree.


A major program is the field students chose to study in depth. They spend core credits on the program they major in. The program is reflected in the degree.

Double Major

Two majors allow students to complete an interdisciplinary program with exciting combination of subjects, for example film studies and event management. What they learn in one subject complements and enhances what they learn from in the other. Both the majors are reflected on degree.


Minor courses enable students to explore an additional area, taking 25% of your credits. The minor is reflected on the degree alongside the major.

Vocational Internship

Spend one semester working full-time in industry. We have close links with a a variety of national and international companies who will offer students the chance to develop their knowledge and professional skills in the workplace through an internship. A vocational internship is a great way to gain work experience and give CV a competitive edge.


Electives are modules from a subject area that is different from core program. They enable students to enrich their degree by spending time in exploring different disciplines.