Our University is open for students from all backgrounds, be it language, ethnicity or religion. We also plan to start International Students’ Orientation Programme to help students get extra information about things which are particularly relevant to them such as India academic system, immigration information, cultural transition, shopping and budgeting, VISA application etc.
The University will look for students who have been young achievers in their school, college and society. It is hoped that these students will find an open and challenging environment at the University, which will help shape their leadership qualities in their chosen field both within the classroom and outside. The University will look for the following traits in applicants:

  • Excellence in academics
  • Past achievement & competitive spirit
  • Compassion
  • Articulate and critical reasoning
  • Broad interests
  • Community involvement
  • Bias for action

Rishihood aspires to have an equal number of male and female students. Moreover, the university will also make efforts to bring students from transgender community, who have been largely left out of the education system.
The University will make an extra effort to identify young achievers in underrepresented communities and provide them with adequate bridge-programmes to prepare them for the University programme.