How is Rishihood different?

This university will be distinctive in two key respects: first, in its emphasis on undergraduate education and second, its research ambitions. While there have been many innovative institutions of higher education in India, it would be fair to say that none of these institutions have placed emphasis on both critical functions of a university.
  • RU will be platform for top researchers to work in the university environment, to teach undergraduate students, initiate these students to processes and develop in them intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.
  • We also aim to train the next generation of faculty and revive a culture of scholarship of higher education in India. India must become globally competitive in knowledge production by investing in preparing and retaining world-class scholars.
  • Provide flexible academic programmes - Enable the student to customize parts of their learning to develop unique career opportunities.
  • Enable deep specialization – Provide opportunity to focus on any area and develop expertise at undergraduate and graduate levels; also promoting deep thinking on every issue.
  • Create opportunities to learn across disciplines - To enable students to take courses in different areas, learn from various disciplines and develop a comprehensive perspective while analyzing issues
  • Prepare the next generation of leaders – Prepare students to become leaders in the society and for having a bias for action.
  • Need-blind admissions – admit students on the basis of merit and ensure need-based financial support for all who are admitted.
  • Create opportunities for marginalized segments of Indian society – help develop leadership by providing quality training to bright young people in the economically weak segments of the society, dalits, muslims, north-east etc.
  • Establish benchmarks in governance of university including professional management, endowment based financing of the university, strong leadership at the board and operational autonomy
  • Actively seek international students and faculty to enhance cultural diversity and learnings.