The Need

There is a need of high quality, interdisciplinary higher-education opportunity in India as about 160,000 students went to US alone in 2015-16 for higher education, being the second highest after China. If India has to develop, it must become a producer of knowledge rather than remain a consumer of knowledge.

Secondly, 12 million Indians enter the workforce annually – the country requires development of new areas of employment and institutions to train them. Newer industries and mediums of trade require knowledge base that cuts across functional disciplines – something that is not available in the country today.

Also, Leadership requires critical thinking, broad and deep educational exposure and building of perspectives – current higher education is predominantly technical and narrow Undergraduate education from the existing university system does not provide employable skills, broad perspectives, or life changing experiences.

There is a need to develop and experiment with improved models of governance of higher education which Rishihood promises to deliver.