April 2019


Social Enterprise, a win-win game

Social enterprises or social businesses have emerged as important institutions of change over the last decade. Large corporations, governments, international government organizations, entrepreneurs, universities have all recognized the utility of social entrepreneurship to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems. This article highlights some important features of a social...
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Why do we need a Gap year?

Why do we need a Gap year? For most students, school is a lot about regular classes and a linear thought about time and subjects. What about after class 12th? Many students feel hesitant to take up a course straight after the school when there is a paucity of time,...
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Creativity – The Skill of the Future

It’s not what one knows, it’s what one does with it what makes a difference and here is when creativity comes into play. This is what bridges the rift between the educational institutes and the industry. Realising the growing importance of creativity a symposium was organised by Rishihood University on...
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Soft Power Brief – (April – June 2019)

Foreign Policy Brief: Update on Bharat’s Soft Power Apr – Jun 2019 This edition of the Foreign Policy Brief comes following the conclusion of India’s national elections in May. The BJP-led NDA secured a historic victory and Narendra Modi was sworn in as the Prime Minister for the second time. His new term started...
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