October 2019


Path To Self-Development

One of the critical aspects that I have to deal with on a daily basis is to help my students, teachers and the support staff embrace the path of self-development. There is so much desire in people to grow and to grow at the speed of lightning. I spend a...
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From Information Provider to Information Processor

Reflecting back on my college days, I sometimes begin to wonder as how much transformation has taken place in our education system. The thought that dominates is always related to the fact that our Universities and the teaching community are frozen in time and not much is taking shape towards...
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Diaspora in Parliament: An idea whose time has come

By Shobhit Mathur, Co-Founder & Dean at Rashtram Image Source: Vision India Foundation This article was published in DNA India September 22, 2019, is an inflection point in the long journey of the Indian diaspora. #HowdyModi is a first in many ways for its sheer scale and impact. For the first...
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