November 2019


फ्रांस, भारत और इंडो-पैसिफिक: वैकल्पिक रणनीतिक ढांचे की प्रयास

इंडो-पसिफ़िक में फ्रांस एक ऐसी शक्ति है, जिसके भारत और प्रशांत महासागर के दोनों तरफ क्षेत्र मौजूद है
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National Award for the Environmental Leadership

Rishihood Family is delighted as our Vice-Chancellor, Prof Kamlesh Misra got awarded with the National Award for the Environmental Leadership on 23rd November 2019 in Meerut. Rishihood looks forward to being on the path of good for all, be it our students, faculties or the environment. Rishihood is finding ways...
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Best Academia and Industry Collaborator Award

Rishihood is delighted to share that Rishihood School of Creativity won the Best Academia and Industry Collaborator (Editor’s Choice) Award at the Global Education Awards 2019. The jury unanimously agreed that the Rishihood School of Creativity, ‘has a profound impact on the way education is delivered today’. They also concurred...
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Rishihood’s Education for Impact and Sustainable Development Goals

United Nations’ Sustainable development goals have been unanimously adopted by world leaders to tackle the number of issues in social, environmental and other spheres. SDGs are of utmost importance to achieve the required transformations in how societies and economies function and how we interact with our environment. Here is the...
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What makes a University stand out – A perspective

Did you ever think of why one university is different from another? If you notice, the top 10 universities in the world are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Oxford, California Institute of Technology, University of Cambridge, Imperial College of London, University of Chicago. These top...
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