January 2020


Toward a Coherent Indo-Pacific Framework?

By Paras Ratna, Research Associate – Strategic & Foreign Relations Practice at Rashtram This article was published in the  Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI) The source of the image is Vision India Foundation Last year at the IISS Shangri-La dialogue, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi outlined India’s...
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How Kartik Sawhney Made STEM Accessible for Blind Students

Kartik Sawhney went to Stanford and used the opportunity to advocate for change, using tech to help visually-challenged students pursue STEM in India. Breaking all odds and choosing to pursue the sciences, Kartik Sawhney fought all odds to prove that his disability would not serve as an impediment in the...
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Dancing with the Elephant: Toward a Coherent Indo-Pacific Framework?

India’s conceptualization of the Indo-Pacific is a departure from the classical containment paradigm. It is increasingly approaching the geopolitics around the Indo-Pacific with a multi-polar lens.
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The Elusive Narrative: Aung Suu Kyi and the International Media

State Counsellor Aung Suu Kyi’s recent defense of Myanmar military at the International Court of Justice against the allegations of genocide has turned the spotlight on Myanmar- and for all bad reasons.
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