February 2020


Why Most Public Leaders Hit A Glass Ceiling And Few Break Through

By Shobhit Mathur, Co-Founder & Dean at Rashtram Image Source: Vision India Foundation This article was published in The Higher Education The enemy of success is a success. In a world that is constantly changing, past successes lead to fixed beliefs and behaviors, which derail the potential for future success. For...
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Louis Braille’s Quest for Accessibility and Equality

Louis Braille, the man who invented the script for the visually-impaired, was born on 4 January 1809. He hailed from Coupvray, France.  Louis and his three siblings lived with parents Monique Braille and Simon-Rene Braille. When Louis was three, he was playing with in his father’s harness shop when the...
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An Indic View on Ecology & Sustainability

As the coronavirus pandemic locked the largest populations of the world inside their homes, we deliberate about how life would be without much locomotion, now and in the future. Will we be able to come out of this unprecedented moment in history unchanged? We realize that the entire world is...
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How Sattvic Food Promotes Holistic Health

It is freezing cold outside and you are woken up with hot tea in your bed. You are tucked under your quilt while your mother rolls out hot paranthas dolloped with desi ghee. You frown. Holidays are over and you are resolute to rid yourself of the tummy fat you’ve...
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