March 2020


COVID-19 and the Mirage of a China-Led International Order

The larger question agitating International Relations theorists is whether COVID-19 is reshaping the global order.
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Using Technology for Social Impact

I completed my 5 years dual degree from IIT Roorkee and PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. During my studies, the advanced infrastructure and equipment available to me at these institutions made me realise the dearth of resources in my school back in India.  I realised that in...
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The BuJo: Bullet Journaling for Teen Beginners

Our readers are supremely smart, and this write-up on Bullet Journal by Prakruthi Chari, a 15-year-old from Bangalore, demonstrates that. Read her submission below to get awe-inspired by her eye to detail.  Daily planner? Too rigid. The monthly planner? Too vague. The yearly planner? Too stressful (when you’re in January,...
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‘The Idea Of Rashtram Stems From The Urgent Need To Generate Advanced Leadership In India’: Shobhit Mathur

In the context of contemporary social ways and mores, there is an increasingly felt need for real leaders who can steer India towards glory, based on its ancient, accumulated wisdom.
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Calligraphy Writing for Kids: A Visual Art with Rhythm

Feeling stressed? Practising the beautiful art form of calligraphy could help you. Writing lessons for kids are relaxing exercises to learn and unwind.  What is Calligraphy? Calligraphy is a visual art of designer writing. It is an artistic process of developing beautiful symbols by hand and arranging the words with...
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