June 2020


Indic Knowledge Systems

By Vinay HA, Research Associate at Rashtram नास्ति विद्यासमं चक्षुः नास्ति विद्यासमं बलम्‌ nāsti vidyāsamaṃ cakṣur nāsti vidyāsamaṃ balam Mahābhārata 12,169.033 Just as the eyes light up the physical world before us and guide all our activities, vidyā (knowledge) shows us the true nature of the various phenomena of life....
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World’s Youngest Astronaut in Training

At the age of 19, Alyssa Carson, is one of the world’s youngest astronauts in training. She is the youngest person to graduate from the Advanced Space Academy and most likely to be one of the first humans on Mars. A Teenager’s Journey to NASA Alyssa is also the only...
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Out and Proud: Teenage and Self-Acceptance

Ayushi, Feature Correspondent at The Pioneer, weaves this story of embracing all kinds of love.  Growing up has never been easy, be it the year 1880 or 2020. Teenagers have always found it difficult to identify themselves. Even if they do, vulnerability comes into play. They might judge themselves for...
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Indian Rishis & Their Space Odysseys

Humans have travelled into space essentially to explore it and to gain knowledge of it so that we understand ourselves and our place in the universe much better. However, our relationship with space and celestial bodies is not just a modern discovery but goes back to ancient India. The sages...
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Why the Future Needs Feminine Workplaces

Employing more women is believed to be one of the biggest factors to help propel the GDP with lasting trans-generational positive impact. There is a very high probability that you’re reading this while practising social distancing, or while under some type of advised or enforced lockdown — essential measures devised...
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