July 2020


India-China Tensions: Asymmetry and the limits of escalation

By Paras Ratna, Research Associate – Strategic & Foreign Relations Practice at Rashtram This article was published in the 9 Dash Line The source of the image is Vision India Foundation The scuffle on 15 June between the Indian Army and the People’s Liberation Army in the Galwan region saw...
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Doctors’ Day or Patients’ Day?

You are aware that the National Doctors’ Day is celebrated to recognize the dedicated services of Doctors in helping maintain the health of the people of our country. Have you ever thought what makes a doctor ‘A Hero’ and the same doctor a culprit at some other time? Doctors are...
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Careers Corner: Being at NASA is Not All Science

If you want to fly, whether in the sky or beyond, aerospace is the field for you. Aerospace is as vast professionally as is the universe itself. There are very few fields where there aren’t potential aerospace applications. The obvious ones are your engineering degrees, of course, and physics, chemistry,...
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