August 2020


One Sun-One World-One Grid: India’s Transformative Initiative for Sustainable Development

By Dr. Prof. Mukul Asher, Faculty at Rashtram By Dr. Amit Soni, Assistant Professor, Economics, University of Delhi Image Source: Grade Up This article was published in the MyIndMakers India has been taking initiatives to encourage 21st century relevant international organizations to locate in India. Thus, the launch of the International...
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Kanailal Dutta & the ‘Fiery Age’ of Indian Nationalist Movement in Undivided Bengal

A widely influential yet unknown revolutionary, Kanailal Dutta accomplished some heroic acts within a short lifespan of just twenty years, and even made the ultimate sacrifice for the cause of his motherland.
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Sri Krishna – An Immortal Civilisational Leader

Right through Krishna's life, he faced adversity but each time he sailed through it. In the end, he left behind a unified strong civilisation-state governed on the basis of Dharma
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What Are We? A Contemplation on the Hindu Identity – Part IV

A lot of interesting debates dealing with multiple aspects of India’s society, spirituality, politics, economy and so on have been sparked off by people of various ideological affiliations.
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The Legacy of Peshwa Baji Rao I

Baji Rao was not only one of the most influential generals in Maratha history, but one of the guiding forces towards achieving Hindavi Swarajya.
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India & Sri Aurobindo’s Vishwa-Guru Dream

Sri Aurobindo was more than just a freedom fighter or philosopher; he was an immaculate thought leader who set the tone for India's growth on the global stage.
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Why do we Need a Systemic Transformation in India?

Most of today’s systems and institutions are a legacy of foreign rule, that are ill-suited to govern this country. But, they have failed to deliver their intended outcomes even after 7 decades of independence.
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Fusing the Shaktis to Reawaken India

India, one of the world’s most ancient living civilizations is today shackled and wanting to break free but hasn’t yet figured her way out.
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Can Leaders be Created?

“Can leaders be created ?”. The answer is “yes, if it is done the right way”.Public leadership cannot be left to chance anymore.
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