October 2020


National Unity Day: Patel, The Man Behind Unified India

In 1947 Patel emerged as the biggest unifier of Bharat following the footsteps of Chanakya, using saam-daam-danda-bheda to unify India against the spectrum of separatist forces.
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Maharishi Valimiki: Adkavi of Adkavya, Ramayan

Mahaṛṣi Vālmīki is remembered as ādi Kavi in the Indian kāvya tradition who composed, the widely read Indian epic Ramayan, based on the life of Lord Ram. He is deeply revered and worshipped to this day as a supreme sage and lord.
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Meerabai: The Fountainhead of Devotion

Meerabai was an Indian saint-poetess who composed numerous beautiful bhajans and dohas about Lord Krishna. She was one of the most prominent figures of the Bhakti Movement in India.
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Vijay Dashmi: Symbolism, Traditions, Lore and Much More

The tithi or calendar day of Vijaya Dashami stands for the vanquishment of the wicked not just in the puranic tales centered around the Devi, but in numerous other narratives, songs, and lore in the Hindu tradition.
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Siddhidatri: Yogini Anandamayi Ma

On the ninth day of Navratri, we invoke Devi Siddhidatri, who bestows all siddhis upon her devotees. The Devi’s blissful figure deeply resembles a yogini - Sri Anandamayi Ma - who was known for her supernatural abilities of precognition
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Mahagauri: Lokmata Rani Rashmoni

On Day 8, we invoke Devi, Mahagauri. She is the symbol of eternal nurture and support. The disposition of Mahadurga is thus indistinguishable from Lokmata Rani Rashmoni - the founder of the historic Dakshineshwar Kali Temple in Kolkata.
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Kaalratri: Freedom Fighter, Pritilata Waddedar

On day 7 of Navratri, we celebrate Devi Kalratri. Devi Kaalratri is dark in complexion with blood-red tinge hues her mouth and eyes. Pritilata like the destructive form of Devi had come into the scene of India’s freedom movement like a flash of lightning with blazing guns.
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Katyayini: Brahmavadini Maitreyi

The brahmavadini Maitreyi of the Vedic ages, she who is the wife of the sage Yajnavalkya and a profound Vedic philosopher herself, is the embodiment of the Devi Katyayni.
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Skandmata: Swaraj Mata Jija Bai

On Day 5 we worship the supreme maternal form of the goddess as Skandamata, the mother of Kartikeya - the general of the divine army. The goddess is most akin to another maternal figure of virtue and courage who has borne one of India’s greatest sons in her womb: Mata...
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