January 11, 2021


Lessons from A ‘Seva’ Based Organisation

To serve the person in front of us as if we are serving God or the divine is Seva. This culture of Seva is firmly rooted in the Indian ethos.  Many families contribute a portion of their earnings and often their time too for Seva. Similarly, there are many institutions...
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Scholarship Hunt – Worth Rs 25 Crores

Rishihood University participates in one of the largest scholarship hunt for Class 12th students. The Mindler Scholarship Hunt is offering over 3000 scholarships to class 12 students worth over INR 25 crores. The top 10 students will also get a scholarship offer for any university of choice in India. Apply...
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Remembering Shastri Ji On His Death Anniversary

Lal Bahadur Shashtri is one of the rare gems of Indian Politics who in his brief stint as the Prime Minister of the nation, upheld Rajdharma and led the country to fight for its survival while regaining its self esteem.
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