April 2021


Qualities of a good speaker – Lessons from Sri Rama’s meeting with Hanuman

In the context of contemporary social ways and mores, there is an increasingly felt need for real leaders who can steer India towards glory, based on its ancient, accumulated wisdom.
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The Day of The D School is Over!

Dramatic words for an article encouraging you to seek a career in design, but there is a deeper meaning behind the obvious which is beginning to be realised in very many quarters. The truth is that Design Education, or much more preferably Creativity, has taken on a far more important...
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Rishihood Collaborates with Muni International School

Education is arguably the most important factor for a society’s development, and particularly primary education. To build a robust education system, stakeholders from all levels of the system must join hands to bring in positive change and innovation in the way education is delivered. Rishihood University has collaborated with Muni...
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Rishihood University Signs MoU with AIDIA, Nepal

With its vision to create long-term social impact, Rishihood University has concluded an MoU with Nepal-based foreign policy think-tank, Asian Institute of Diplomacy and International Affairs, also known as AIDIA Consulting Pvt. Ltd., for enhanced cooperation in the academic & skill development sectors and to start-ups in Nepal. Rishihood University will help...
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Skills Top Recruiters will seek in the post-COVID-19 Era

The pandemic has brought on a lot of changes and companies don’t work the same way as they used to. As people look at the future they don’t know exactly what aspects of their work life will be going back to normal. A lot of people have adapted and adjusted...
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Career Pathways for MBA students

Are you planning for higher studies? Wondering whether MBA would be a good idea? It’s not unusual to wonder what would be the career path or job prospects after getting a degree in a particular course. Depending on where you’re going to study for the degree, you’ll need to check...
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