May 2021


Jagadguru Shri Adi Shankaracharya

Shankaracharya travelled in and through the land of Bharata for reestablishing the Vaidika Dharma which was in the verge of losing all its importance. His effort in unifying the Bharata by establishing various mathas and other centres has saved Bharata from losing its spiritual treasures.
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Surdas: Love, Music, Bhakti

The Poet-Seer Surdas is foremost of those Vaishnava Bhakti poets who have ennobled the lyrical tradition of the Braj Bhasha of Northern India through their musical compositions, steeped in deeply inspired devotion to Sri Krishna.
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Childhood Development & Education in a Tech World

Technological applications for school children have become quite popular of late. Since today’s children are digital natives and smartphones have already found their way into their hands, it is crucial to get behind the implications and understand how classroom implementation can be improved by embracing this change.  Here are some...
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Akshaya Tritiya: A Time for Antah-Shuddhi to Assume the Incorruptible Quality of Gold

Gold can never be tainted by forces of the outer environment. It has the quality of the pure state which is achievable through tapas, following several purification rituals to reach this level. On Akshaya Tritiya, many people purchase gold. However, this is the day for antah or inner purification, to...
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Dr. Harsh Mahajan appointed President of NATHEALTH – The Healthcare Federation of India

Dr. Harsh Mahajan, Founder and Chief Radiologist, Mahajan Imaging & a distinguished Advisor to Rishihood University, has been appointed as the President of NATHEALTH – the Healthcare Federation of India. The Indian healthcare system is in a truly unique place now. The recent unexpected change of events put the entire...
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