May 2023


Women at the Helm: Shaping the Future of Education in a World of Human-Machine Synergy

Welcome to an inspiring exploration of the future of education and the powerful role women play in shaping it. In a captivating article featured in Financial Express, Soumya Aggarwal, COO of Rishihood University, delves into the dynamic realm of human-machine synergy and its implications for the education sector. Discover how...
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Nurturing the New Generation: A Call for Adaptable and Mindful Parenting

As a parent in today’s world, I have often pondered the best way to prepare my children for a future that is advancing at breakneck speed. Technological advancements like ChatGPT and other AI-driven tools have transformed how we learn and interact, raising questions about the skills and values that will...
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Quest 2: Taking a trek through our Mind’s terrain

Connecting our Human Existence with Memory Welcome back! On our second adventure together, we will explore the intricate connection between mind, memory vis a vis human consciousness. If you’re curious what we covered on our last trek through the Mind’s terrain, you can explore more here . As we discovered...
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Mechanics of Social Order Cube Efforts in Integral Humanism

Based on my readings, I realized that the concept of integral humanism as a journey from homo-sapiens to homo-nova can be understood in the context of the purushārthas, which are the four pillars of human aspiration in Indian perspective. Homo-sapiens, or modern humans, are seen as the starting point of...
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