June 2024


Educators should leverage AI for an educational transformation

The article from LiveMint discusses the transformative potential of AI in education. It highlights how educators can leverage AI tools to personalize learning experiences, enhance administrative efficiency, and provide real-time feedback to students. The integration of AI can help in identifying students’ strengths and weaknesses, allowing for a more tailored...
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To escape annual cycle of leaks and stress, India needs a new exam design

The article by Suresh Prabhu and Shobhit Mathur advocates for a two-phase, on-demand computer-based admission test to address the annual issues of exam leaks and student stress in India. This new design aims to reduce the reliance on the coaching industry, promote fairness, and provide flexibility for students. By adopting...
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Makers Undergrad Program with Minor in Computer Science & AI

India’s First Interdisciplinary Bachelors in Entrepreneurship, Computer Science, and AI Makers Undergrad – BBA at Rishihood University along with a Minor in CS and AI prepares students to succeed in business and technology. Extensive practical experience and industry connections Entrepreneurial support and venture funding Tech labs, makers space, and co-working...
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Rishihood University offers Rs 7 crore Bharat100 scholarship for UG programmes

Rishihood University is proud to announce the Bharat100 Scholarship, a remarkable initiative offering Rs 7 crore to support undergraduate students. This scholarship is designed to empower deserving students by providing substantial financial assistance, enabling them to pursue their academic aspirations without financial constraints. The Bharat100 Scholarship underscores Rishihood University’s commitment...
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Opinion | ‘Greening’ of Trade Laws or Gaming the Rules of Trade?

In the opinion piece “Greening of Trade Laws or Gaming the Rules of Trade?” on News18, the author critically examines the intersection of environmental policies and international trade laws. The article explores whether the incorporation of green policies genuinely aims to protect the environment or serves as a strategic tool...
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