June 17, 2024


Agnihotra: A Sacred Vaidic Fire Ritual for the Holistic Well-Being

Have you attended any Agnihotra ceremony that was performed in your home or in any Temple? After being a part of that ritual, you must have felt some different kind of Aura around you. This Aura is because of the positive environment which is created because of the purifying nature...
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The Essence of Prana: Vital Energy in Yoga and Ayurveda

In the Shiva Swarodaya, Devi asks Shiva: “In this universe who is the greatest friend of man?” Shiva replies “Prana is the greatest friend, prana is the greatest companion. O fair one, there is no closer friend in this universe than prana.” WHAT IS PRANA? What makes any motion possible: the...
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