June 18, 2024


Opinion | ‘Greening’ of Trade Laws or Gaming the Rules of Trade?

In the opinion piece “Greening of Trade Laws or Gaming the Rules of Trade?” on News18, the author critically examines the intersection of environmental policies and international trade laws. The article explores whether the incorporation of green policies genuinely aims to protect the environment or serves as a strategic tool...
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Rishihood University Signs MoU With Green O Tech India For Sustainable Waste Management

Rishihood University, committed to fostering sustainability within its campus operations, and Green O Tech India, a pioneer in waste management and recycling solutions, hereby enter into this Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate and implement sustainable waste management initiatives. Scope of Collaboration: Objective: To establish Rishihood University as a model of...
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Exploring the Depths of Consciousness Insights From Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo once said, “We are not only what we know of ourselves but an immense more which we do not know; our momentary personality is only a bubble on the ocean of our existence.” These words prompted me to reflect on what lies beyond our surface mind and to...
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