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BBA Course Detail: A Detailed Look at the Course and Syllabus

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is your pathway to achieving success in the dynamic and ever-evolving world of business. This comprehensive program equips you with the right knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the corporate realm, entrepreneurship, and various business sectors. It covers subjects ranging from management principles and...
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Unleash Your Creative Potential with a Bachelor in Fashion Design

In an era characterized  by rapid technological advancements and dynamic societal changes, the role of design in shaping our world has never been more crucial than now Design is the driving force behind the products we use, the spaces we inhabit, the communication we engage in, and the experiences we...
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BA Hons Psychology Syllabus

Exploring the Science of the Mind – BA Hons Psychology Syllabus

In recent years, there has been a rising demand for careers in psychology, driven by a heightened awareness of mental health issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has further amplified this focus. Psychologists are increasingly sought after in educational institutions, including schools and colleges, as well as in workplace settings. Projections indicate...
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Bachelor of Fashion Design Course Details: A Guide to Sketch Your Success

Fashion design is a growing industry with many opportunities for designers. The fashion industry is expanding rapidly in India, and there is a growing demand for fashion designers. The retail trade industry is also expected to grow, which will increase the demand for fashion designers in the near future. The...
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Get Ready to Shape Your Future in AI with B.Tech Artificial Intelligence Course Details

Projections suggest that AI will generate 97 million fresh employment opportunities by 2025. Yet, numerous enterprises are encountering challenges locating adept individuals capable of constructing, training, and upkeeping AI and ML systems. As highlighted by the Future of Jobs report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), AI is set to...
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