Role of Universities : Radhakrishnan Commission Report 1948-49

Today, on the birthday of our 2nd President, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, we celebrate Teachers’ Day. He chaired the “University Education Commission 1948-49“. The report was released in 1950 and gives a great insight into what our leaders envisioned about University education at the time of Independence. It is a phenomenal...
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Atmanirbhar Bharat: What Does It Mean for the Indian Economy?

The Atmanirbhar Bharat Campaign is an economic, commercial, infrastructural and educational growth model oriented towards the idea of self-reliance and self-sustenance. Launched at the peak of the pandemic in 2020 by the Central Government, the Atmanirbhar campaign encompasses de-centralised planning and robust restructuring of India’s infrastructure, which previously was primarily...
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Identify the Problem: Lessons from an Entrepreneur

Daniel Khachab, co-founder and CEO of Berlin-based unicorn, Choco, visited Rishihood University and delivered a talk on entrepreneurship. Daniel shared his story of how he and his cofounders came together to start Choco. He emphasised the importance of identifying a problem statement and creating solutions for it rather than just...
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Wellness, Well-Being & Happiness- The Āyurveda Way

The last few years have seen a rise in interest in Wellness, Well-Being and Happiness. As I read literature, it is surprising that happiness is seen as a skill, rather than a state of Being. This has happened probably because human beings have got stuck with the concept of the...
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AICTE’s IKS Division Approves Grants for Two Research Proposals of Rishihood University Faculty

The Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) Division of AICTE, an innovative cell operating under the Ministry of Education (MoE) for promoting interdisciplinary research, as well as preservation and dissemination of IKS-perspectives, is awarding a substantial research grant to two proposals put forth by Rishihood University faculty members. Following a rigorous peer...
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Trends Of Road Accidents in India: Occurrence, Variations and Prevention

A road accident occurs when there’s a car crash or a car accident resulting in the vehicles blocking the traffic on a public road. Road collisions can cause serious injury to one or more people, and a fatal accident can lead to death.  A grievous injury accident occurs when individuals...
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ऋषिवाक्यम् – Thus says the Rishi

अग्ने व्रतपते व्रतं चरिष्यामि तच्छकेयं तन्मे राध्यताम्। इदमहमनृतात् सत्यमुपैमि॥ agne vratapate vrataṁ cariṣyāmi tacchakeyaṁ tanme rādhyatām idamahamanṛtāt satyamupaimi This mantra from Yajurveda (1.5) is a prayer to Agni; the divine will power in human consciousness. Rishi Yajnavalkya gives humanity a prayer for awakening the presence of Agni within the heart....
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Impact of Russia-Ukraine war on global economy

Following the path of globalisation, today, every country’s economy is interconnected, and any conflict between nations impacts the entire world. Thus, Russia invading Ukraine is creating a significant impact on the economy.  Ukraine, being the second-largest country with mineral resources, coal mines, natural gas, petroleum, manganese, nickel and agricultural land,...
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Dr. Kamlesh Mishra’s Wisdom and Educational Journey

“I think it’s important for teachers to bring about a transformation in a student. That is the beauty about the new education system that we are beginning to see, and the biggest beneficiary of this are the students, which makes me happy.”  How was your experience of establishing Rishihood University?...
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The Impact of AI & Our Spiritual Side

What does the future hold for humanity as the hi-tech world of AI and Robotics marches forward to conquer the world of tasks?  A few days after Russia invaded Ukraine, I found myself staring down the barrel of a Kalashnikov (AK-47) at the possibility of a nuclear Armageddon. With Putin...
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