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  • Immersive Media & New-Age Specializations
  • 4-Year Residential Program
  • Taught by Industry Leaders
  • Study Abroad Programs and Global Study Treks
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B. Design Specializations
Immersive Media Technology
  • Futuristic program on the three pillars of Art and Design, Gamification and Immersion
  • Learn Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and other emerging XR technologies
Product Design
  • Learn product design and development; product needs and usage
  • Work in studios to experiment with material, form, and ergonomics
Interior Architecture
  • Build perfect spaces for a 21st century life; Learn spacial planning, aesthetics and functions
  • Learn sustainable design practices, materials, architectural fixtures and client servicing
Communication Design
  • Be a UI UX expert for 2D and 3D designs; Learn branding and its visual presentation
  • Learn story telling, brand identity, web design, publication and print design
Fashion and Textile Design
  • Understand fasion cultures and history; learn imaging and illustration
  • Find emerging fashion technologies; experiment in the studios; launch your label
Learning Journey
Foundation Year


Core Creative Studies provide an exciting, exploratory experience with learning that underpins all future creative practice. 

There is an emphasis on “drawing”, exploring its many forms from representational and technical to experimental and abstract. The Unit helps embed the University’s “holistic” approach to education by stressing that creative practice cannot be separated from the wider culture. Creative thinking sessions are a major part of the curriculum, aiding ideas generation and encouraging lateral approaches to project work. 

A) Creative workshops

  • Drawing exercises/workshops, 
  • Exploring Methods and Materials through 2D and 3D
  • Design principles and elements
  • Color theory
  • Ideas generation
  • Lateral and critical thinking
  • Exploring the Creative Process

B) Technical workshops 

  • Paint Technologies
  • 3d Making
  • Printmaking
  • Photography
  • Digital Media



The “Ecosystem” approach which is a key feature of the University’s philosophy is exemplified strongly in this Unit. Through lectures, seminars, visiting speakers, and educational visits, students gain an understanding of the history and contemporary context of Art, Design, and Media. Their fundamental connection and importance to all aspects of social and cultural activity are explained and discussed.

Examples include analysis of areas such as Film, Advertising, Publishing, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence, and the impact of New Technologies. Important points in Art, Design, and Media history such as the Art and Craft movement, the Bauhaus, Art Nouveau, Minimalism, Pop Art, Post-Modernism, and Globalization are fully explored in a global context. 


During this Unit, students will gain a much clearer understanding of the practical, theoretical, and professional aspects of specialist areas and use more specialist resources and processes to create, design and make. There will be group projects as well as personal projects which encourage creative, innovative thinking and making. The “playful” nature of creative practice is still considered important to ideas generation and embedded within the projects. Students will begin to put in place an online Portfolio using a suitable platform.

Elective Programs

Electives – Kinesthetic art, Photography, Ceramics, Glass, AR/VR, assistive technologies, 3D digitization.

Faculty and Mentors
Industry Advisors
Visiting Faculty
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