B.Tech in
Computer Science
Artifical Intelligence

Collaborate with industry leaders in our exclusive 4-year B.Tech in Computer Science and AI at the Newton School of Technology.Tailored for real-world impact, this program ensures a well-rounded education with industry-driven insights.


4 years




Class 12th (PCM) IN 2022, 2023, 2024




3,72,500 per year


Explore a dynamic 4-year B.Tech in Computer Science and AI at Rishihood University, India’s premier Impact University. Integrating theory with hands-on skills, this residential program immerses you in cutting-edge technologies. With industry-expert faculty, you’ll excel in software engineering, data science, and AI. Subjects encompass ML, NLP, Big Data, and Mobile App Development. The syllabus emphasizes both fundamentals and specialization, offering practical experience through internships and projects. Beyond academics, our vibrant campus promotes collaboration and community engagement, encouraging overall growth. Join the leading B.Tech Artificial Intelligence course and launch on a transformative journey into the tech industry’s future.

Why Choose Rishihood's B.Tech CS & AI?

Industry-aligned curriculum, learn from top developers, study abroad, 100% placement support, guaranteed internships, state-of-the-art facilities, hands-on projects, and a startup incubation fund. Elevate your tech career with Newton School!

Industry-relevant curriculum

6-month guaranteed internship

Startup incubation fund

100% placement assistance

Classes with experts

Semester abroad

Modern infrastructure

Hands-on learning

Faculty and Mentors

Express your potential with industry-leading mentors and faculties at Rishihood’s B.Tech program, guiding your path to innovation and success.

Siddharth Maheshwari

Co-founder, Newton School of Technology

Nishant Chandra

Co-founder, Newton School of Technology

Aditya Trivedi

Program Director, B.Tech and Rishihood Foundation

Anant Mittal

Academics Head, Newton School of Technology

Dr. K. Gopinath

Professor, Newton School of Technology

Soumitra Mishra

Professor, Newton School of Technology

Surendra Puri Goswami

Professor, Newton School of Technology

Dr. Ankur Gupta

Assistant Professor, Newton School of Technology

Chaitanya PVSK

Newton School of Technology

Priya Gurjar

Teaching Assistant, Newton School of Technology

Vidit Jain

Newton School of Technology

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Parag Singla

Professor, Department of Computer Science, Indian Instiute of Technology Delhi

Dr. Siddhartha Jayanti

Research Scientist at Google Research and AI; United States
PhD, MIT Boston

Dr. Kishor S. Trivedi

Hudson Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Duke University

Dr. Prasad Jayanti

Professor and Former Head of Computer Science at Dartmouth

Dr. Prathosh AP

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, India

Dr. Karthik Mohan

Affiliate Professor, University of Washington

Gita Pendharkar

Lecturer/Senior Teacher, RMIT University, Australia

Learning Journey

Explore innovation in every module! Our B.Tech syllabus at Rishihood is crafted for hands-on learning and cutting-edge technology.

  • Year One: Foundation
  • Year Two: Achieve
  • Year Three: Innovate
  • Year Four: Succeed

Semester 1:

Fundamentals of Programming: Learn basics of coding and write code in Java or Python

Probability & Statistics: Maths course that is required to crack job interviews in product companies/ startups

Science of Living: Learn about the science of emotions, social interactions, and the psychology of human behavior

Understanding India: Explore the social, political, and economic dimensions that shape modern India.

Global Grand Challenges: Identify, discuss and reflect on some of world’s most pressing challenges: and the impact of technology and innovation on addressing global challenges.

Indian Polity: Explore the heart of democracy through the Indian constitution, government bodies and the electoral process.

Leadership Colloquium 1: Explore the foundations of effective leadership and gain insights into different leadership styles.

Community Engagement: Discover the power of community engagement in creating positive social change. This will be done through hands-on community service.

Semester 2

Data Structures and Algorithms 1: Skills for programming and problem-solving: Learn core principles of organizing data and designing efficient algorithms – your stepping stone to cracking top companies

Web Application Development: Master the art of creating dynamic and interactive web applications like Ïlipkart, Netflix or more

Object Oriented Programming: OOPs equips to write better and reusable codes

Environment and System Thinking: Discover the role of system thinking in addressing complex environmental challenges.

Technology and Society: Get to the core of societal transformation through various facets of technology including ethics of AI/ML, modern technological marvels and more

Professional Communication: Explore effective interpersonal communication strategies for building strong professional relationships.

Introduction to Statistics and Data Science: Learn essential statistical concepts and techniques for understanding and interpreting data.

Leadership Colloquium 2: An advanced version of the first course, you will explore second-level leadership principles like conflict management, working in teams, leading in a professional setting etc.

Community Engagement: Discover the power of community engagement in creating positive social change. This will be done through hands-on community service.

Semester 3

Industry Internship/Research Internship Newton-Rishihood Internship Program (NRIP): A Semester-wide immersive and experiential paid internship program with leading companies/startups in India.

Data Analytics & Visualization: Master the art of transforming complex data into clear and compelling visual stories

Semester 4

Data Structures and Algorithms 2: Explore advanced topics such as graph algorithms, dynamic programming, and advanced data structures

Software Engineering: Discover the methodologies and tools used by industry professionals to deliver top-notch software

Database Management System: Enhance your ability to design scalable and robust databases that meet real-world business requirements

Server Side Programming: Gain a deeper understanding of server-side languages such as PHP, Python, or Node.js

Art of storytelling

Semester 5

Operating Systems: Explore the intricate workings of process management, memory allocation, and file systems

Mathematics for AI: Develop the mathematical intuition required to interpret and interpret AI models and results used in the industry

Computer Networks: Prepare yourself to design and deploy scalable and resilient computer network solutions.

Computer Architecture: Delve into the intricacies of computer instruction execution and control unit design

User Research and Growth Strategy

Semester 6

AI: Machine Learning: Explore the exciting possibilities of AI that enable computers to understand and respond to human language.

AI: Natural Language Processing: Learn how computers can understand and interact with human language, and build technology behind voice recognition systems like Siri or Alexa

NS Elective 1

–  AI: Deep Learning

Dive into the world of AI and neural networks to create intelligent systems that learn and adapt.

–  Compiler Design

Explore the art of transforming human-readable code into efficient machine-executable instructions.

–  Mobile Application Development:

Learn to build engaging and user-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

NS Elective 2

–  AI: Computer Vision & Image Processing Discover the power of AI in understanding and analyzing visual content, enabling applications like image recognition and object detection.

–  System Design

Master the principles and techniques for designing scalable and efficient software systems that meet real-world requirements.

–  Computer Graphics

Explore the creation and manipulation of visual content, from 2D graphics to 3D modeling and rendering.

Semester 7

Finance for startups

Program Management

Startup Funding

How to lead Teams

Building Company Culture

PR for startups

Building sales and negotiation skills

Semester 8

Industry Internship/Research/ Startup/ BS Project

  1. Create your startup and pitch for 1 Crore seed money OR
  2. Intern at a large MNC/ startup OR
  3. Advanced B.S. Tech Project at Campus or Abroad OR
  4. Research under top faculties

Shri Shobhit Mathur
Co-Founder & Vice Chancellor, Rishihood University
IIT B alumnus

VC’s Message

Dear Learners,

Excited to introduce our new major in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Beyond a curriculum, it’s a commitment to prepare you ethically and socially. In the AI era, we aim to blend technological skills with an understanding of AI’s implications. Aligned with our mission, Rishihood University, in collaboration with Newton School, offers a transformative education, integrating theory with practical application. Join us in shaping a future where AI betters lives and societies. Your journey begins here.


Explore Frequently Asked Questions about Our Bachelor’s Program in Business Analytics.

What are the ways in which a student can exit this program?

Students can exit the course at the end of the following years with:

  • First year- Award of Certificate
  • End of Second Year – Award of Diploma
  • End of Third Year – Award of Bachelor Degree
  • End of 4 years – Award of Honours Degree

What is the eligibility criteria for getting the honors degree?

Completing the 4 year course as per NEP norms.

Are there any scholarships available?

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create the India of our dreams. If you are ready to build something for the country, we are ready to remove all financial barriers. Up to 25% tuition scholarship for:

  • Bharat Ki Beti: Girl students from the Indian Hinterland wanting to be a pioneer
  • Fauji Kid: Children from the armed forces who demonstrate business acumen
  • Vanvaasi Dreamer: Students from tribal communities who aspire a high-quality education
  • Distant Doer: Students from remotest areas like Andaman, Lakshadweep, and border areas
  • Khiladi: Sports achievers who make their families and country proud
  • Dexter, the Child Genius: Science and technology geniuses who want to make it big in business
  • Teenage Lalaji: Child prodigy in a small enterprise wanting to become a large enterprise
  • Front Bencher: Academic achievers who want to remain at the top of their studies

Why pursue B.Tech Computer Science and AI from Rishihood University?

  • Create Your Own Degree: Choose interesting courses from Design, Entrepreneurship, and Technology. Rishihood is the singular hub in India where you can master coding, design, and build a business centered on your Technology in one place.
  • Impact – Driven Learning: The program focuses on impact-driven learning and developing entrepreneurial mindsets. Students are encouraged to develop solutions to real-world problems using technology.
  • Perfect Class Sizes: The faculty-student ratio is 1:5, which allows for individualized attention from professors. Students have the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and professors on projects and research.
  • Industry – Specific Knowledge: The program offers industry-specific knowledge through guest lectures, workshops, and internships. Students have the opportunity to learn from industry experts and to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field.
  • Build Your Own Company: With 1 Crore Investment Fund: Utsaha Incubation Center at Rishihood University facilitates start-up incubation. There is a 1 crore investment fund to support entrepreneurial ideas.
  • Scholarships and Incubation Fund: The university offers scholarships and an incubation fund to help students fund their education and to develop their startups.
  • Modular Format: The program’s modular format helps develop critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills. Students are able to learn at their own pace and to focus on the areas that they are most interested in.
  • Hackathons, Community Problem-solving, and Interactive Technologies: The program offers a variety of extracurricular activities, such as hackathons, community problem-solving, and interactive technologies. These activities help students to develop their skills and to network with other students and professionals.