Makers Undergrad - BBA: Graduate with a

Introducing India’s 1st Undergraduate Program in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Technology. Crafted for the makers of the 21st century who aspire to be at the forefront, shaping the future. Embark on your journey as Makers for Today & Shapers for Tomorrow. Start Your Makers Journey.


4 years




Grade 12




4.2 LPA


Immerse in a practice-based curriculum, doing business from Day 1. Benefit from 1:1 mentorship by global business professionals, a 6-month paid internship, and learn from global faculty. Embark on business treks to the USA, Singapore, Israel, London. Access a $5M incubation fund for your entrepreneurial journey.

Program Highlights

Rishihood’s BBA program: Business from Day 1, global faculty, 1:1 mentorship, international treks, paid internship, $5M incubation fund – Your global business journey begins here!

Practice-based curriculum – Do business from Day 1

Global faculty from top universities and industry

1:1 mentorship by professionals in global businesses

Global business treks in the USA, Singapore, Israel, London

6-month paid internship

$5M incubation fund

Coaches and Mentors

Resident coaches from IIT, ISB, IIM, HEC, and ex-founders to guide you on the nuts and bolts of entrepreneurship. Mentors from 5+ countries

Startup Summer

Get 1 lac seed money to build your startup. No option to graduate without getting your hands dirty

Opening Balance of 10k

Invest in equity from Day 1 through a 10k opening balance

Global Study Treks

Immerse in global business hubs like Singapore, Israel, Silicon Valley, and London

$5M Startup Fund

Apply to Rishihood’s fund and scale your startup

4 New Age Concentrations

For the first time in India, take courses in: Startups and Founders Office; Venture Finance and Private Equity; Tech-Business Management; Family Business and SMEs

Learn from the best

Immerse in wisdom from global researchers, entrepreneurs, and business pros. Meet faculty and explore courses shaping your transformative learning journey.

Prof. (Dr.) Kirti Dutta

Dean Research, Research Cell,
Dean and Professor, School of Entrepreneurship

Vasudev Murthy

Executive Director, School of Entrepreneurship

Dr. M. Chitra

School of Entrepreneurship
Dr Kavita Gupta

Dr. Kavita Gupta

School of Entrepreneurship

Ritesh Dahiya

Coordinator, School of Entrepreneurship

Visiting Faculty

Chirag Gujarati

Entrepreneurship, Marketing & Strategy

Dr. Mridula Dwivedi

Business Research

Prof. Bart Norre

Visiting Professor, Rishihood University

Dr. Umesh Menon

Sr. International Investment and Finance Expert at UNIDO

Dr. Kavita Saxena

Faculty at Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India

Dr. Vetri Selvi

Associate Professor, Department of Management, Mettu University

CA Sandeep Kapoor

Chartered Accountant and visiting faculty at The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

CA Rajeev Puri

Chartered Accountant and visiting faculty

Muthuraman Thirunavukkarasu

Visiting faculty, Rishihood University

Dr. Ferojuddin M. A. Khan

Director at S&F Commerce Academy

Dr. Radhika Lunawat

Associate Professor
Accounting, UCI Paul Merage School of Business,
University of California

Dr. Ramakrishna Dantu

Assistant Professor,
California State University,
Sacramento College of Business Administration

8-Layer Curriculum

Dip into innovation! Makers Grad at Rishihood unveils a dynamic syllabus, shaping creators with hands-on learning and real-world projects.

  • Business Fundamentals
  • Startup Basics
  • Rishihood Essentials
  • Business Concentrations
  • Practice-based Skills
  • Project Work
  • Global Study Treks

Semester 1 to 6

Core skills needed for running or managing a good business.

Semester 2 to 5

Sprint-style courses to make you startup ready.

Semester 1 & 2

Leadership and social science modules to deepen your understanding of the self and society.

Semester 6 & 7

Learn how to apply business concepts to prominent domains of entrepreneurship.

All Semesters

Hands-on learning through workshops, crash courses, hackathons.

All Semesters

Start with an opening balance of 10,000 for stock markets. Unlock a 1 lac seed investment for your idea at the end of 4th semester.

Semester Breaks

Immerse in global business and innovation hubs like Singapore, Israel, Silicon Valley, and London.

Prof. (Dr.) Kirti Dutta
Dean, School of Entrepreneurship
Dean Research,Rishihood University

Dean’s Message

Welcome to a journey of growth at Rishihood University!

In today’s digital era, data drives business decisions. Analytics extracts actionable insights, enabling informed decisions and sustainable growth. Our Entrepreneurship School offers a cutting-edge program, led by industry experts, blending theory with real-world applications. With hands-on projects and vibrant campus life, we prepare students for success in the competitive job market. 


Explore Frequently Asked Questions about Our Bachelor’s Program in Business Analytics.

What is this eligibility criteria for this course?

  • Students require a minimum of 50% or 5 CGPA in Grade 12 or equivalent qualifying examination from any recognized board.
  • Students must submit any of the following aptitude test scores: RSAT / SAT / ACT / CUET.

*Students can directly apply through their SAT scores. Rishihood University’s DI Code for SAT applicants is 9208. All applicants applying with the SAT score need to upload their official transcripts on the Rishihood Application Portal.

What are the ways in which a student can exit this program?

Students can exit the course at the end of the following years with:

  • First year- Award of Certificate
  • End of Second Year – Award of Diploma
  • End of Third Year – Award of Bachelor Degree
  • End of 4 years – Award of Honours Degree

What is the eligibility criteria for getting the honors degree?

Completing the 4 year course as per NEP norms.

Are there any scholarships available?

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create the India of our dreams. If you are ready to build something for the country, we are ready to remove all financial barriers. Up to 25% tuition scholarship for:

  • Bharat Ki Beti: Girl students from the Indian Hinterland wanting to be a pioneer
  • Fauji Kid: Children from the armed forces who demonstrate business acumen
  • Vanvaasi Dreamer: Students from tribal communities who aspire a high-quality education
  • Distant Doer: Students from remotest areas like Andaman, Lakshadweep, and border areas
  • Khiladi: Sports achievers who make their families and country proud
  • Dexter, the Child Genius: Science and technology geniuses who want to make it big in business
  • Teenage Lalaji: Child prodigy in a small enterprise wanting to become a large enterprise
  • Front Bencher: Academic achievers who want to remain at the top of their studies

Why is this a 4-year program?

This is a 4-year program for some important reasons:

  • The learning outcomes are such that you are ready for the workplace when you graduate. You should not need an MBA. So you are saving 2 years of MBA.
  • We have one semester dedicated to building your startup or being an entrepreneur in residence. We also give options of a minor in career-oriented fields like Computer Science and AI, or Economics. It is not feasible in a three-year curriculum.
  • 4-year is an internationally recognized undergraduate which is now also recommended by NEP in India.
  • Yet, if students want to exit after three years, they will get a BBA degree that is UGC-recognized.

I don’t want to build a startup. I want to get a job. Is this program for me?

Today’s job market is actively looking for graduates who have the right skill sets for problem-solving, teamwork, thinking innovatively, taking responsibility, and being accountable. These are the attributes that a typical BBA program won’t