Best Courses for starting a business in Delhi

Do you aspire to start your own business or dream of being your boss? The best way to make this possible is by studying a course that will help you progress towards your goal.

Business-focused or Entrepreneurship programs will help you get prepared with skills like problem-solving teamwork, empathy etc. These qualities will make you a good leader and businessman/woman.

Running a business involves many arguments, misconceptions, multi-tasking, decision-making and when you’re prepared for all of it during your college years it puts you at an advantage. You may be able to deal with things in a much easier and efficient way.

There are different courses offered by colleges in Delhi NCR and you can pursue them based on what your goal is. If you’re a graduate and have now decided to start your own business then MBA or Entrepreneurial related courses would be best.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to do your graduation with a business degree, you could start with a BBA degree.

To get a better understanding, read about the different kinds of courses which you can pursue and how they will benefit you –

1. BBA
Bachelor of Business Administration is the very first step towards business management. This course helps you train in managerial and entrepreneurial skills. You’ll learn about the market, latest trends and understand leadership skills.

There are approx 440 colleges in Delhi/NCR that offer the BBA program. You may want to consider pursuing an MBA degree once you’re through with your graduation.

2. Post Graduate Diploma in Management
PGDM is a diploma course and is for students who are business-centric, focused on innovation and sustainability. The sole purpose of this program is to help develop a well-rounded personality for students and prepares them well to compete in the business world.

3. Diploma in Entrepreneurship
There are some colleges in Delhi/NCR that are also offering a Diploma in Entrepreneurship. The purpose of this program is to familiarise students with the different aspects of starting and running a business. It also provides the knowledge on which qualities contribute to the growth and efficiency of a company.

Masters of Business Administration is an internationally accredited post-graduate degree for people who aspire to be future business leaders or entrepreneurs. There are different specialisations that you can choose from while considering pursuing this course. There’s Finance Management, Marketing, Hospitality, Interior Design, Healthcare etc.

With this degree, you get exposure, opportunity to have an extensive business network, well-versed in decision-making and strategic thinking.

MBA in Entrepreneurship and MBA in Hospital Administration are both offered at Rishihood University and just like this, there are other categories available at various universities.

There are many factors that you may wish to consider before pursuing either of these courses. You may have to factor in finance, 1 year or 2-year course, which specialisation and which city. Based on this you should make your choice.

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