Best Family Business Courses in India

India has a huge number of family businesses and most of them have been running for generations. A lot of these have grown big enough to fight international competition and corporate companies. But as technology evolves and new means of consumer attraction enters the market, there’s a need for the younger generation to learn, implement and embrace these new means of progress for their family’s business.

For young entrepreneurs to do so, they need guidance and understanding before they enter the business world. To make this possible, colleges and universities have come up with different types of management courses that focus on the family business as well. Studying a management course helps you to acquire the right knowledge and skills required for taking over a business successfully.

You should look into the following courses if you’re planning to work in the family business or you’re already in but still wish to explore new skills –

  1. The Family Business Advanced Management (FAME)

A programme fit for the next generation’s business owners who aspire to take their organization to the next level. The goal is to equip students with proper industry understanding and expertise. The course is taught by experts and it provides in-depth research, as well as systematic mentorship to the students. It will prepare new business owners for any upcoming challenges and will instil more confidence in them.

Many different colleges offer this kind of course but with a different name like IIM-Bangalore.

  1. Post Graduate Programme in Family Managed Business

Designed for new aspirants of a family business, this course teaches students to continue the legacy of earlier generations while incorporating their ideas into the mix. While studying this course you’ll be able to discover your strengths and how to put them to practice at your workplace. Over 3500+ students have studied this course previously and have a growing alumni base.

  1. MBA in Entrepreneurship

From developing prototypes for new products, understanding how to raise capital to learn how to market your products, you’ll acquire knowledge about everything in this course. This programme will give you practical experience along with theoretical study. It’s for students who are working in family businesses or plan to do so in the future. This is also applicable to those who wish to set up their shop or wish to work with innovative and experimental startups.

You may also get the opportunity to network with industry professionals or hear from them at speaker sessions or panel discussions. This course is offered by Rishihood University located in Delhi NCR.

.4. Global Family Managed Business 

With this course, you’ll develop new ways for decision-making and get an insight into building effective business relationships with customers. Throughout 12-months you’ll learn from case studies, discussions, debates and practice real-world tools to manage conflicts. It also caters to the businesses that are traditional, cultural and rooted in their own beliefs.

There are many other courses available in India that focus on family business and have a curriculum/structure that doesn’t interfere with the busy schedule of business owners. Explore today and enroll to learn new strategies and grow.

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