Best start-up courses in Delhi NCR

There are various kinds of startups that exist out there and you don’t always need a new idea or invention to start one. Many startups have been established in an existing industry with the same concept and same goals but have either a different business model or perception or functioning.

To begin with, the first category would be small business startups. They’re mostly happy selling their product and service over a small scale like grocery stores, salons, travel agents etc.

The second one is scalable startups, which aim to be big and provide an innovative solution to their customer base. They search for a scalable business model and look for more venture capital to grow.

Next, we have buyable startups, these mostly provide web and mobile app solutions and are eventually bought/sold to larger companies.

Lastly, we have – social startups. Their focus is to make an impact and they have a passionate team working towards that goal.

If your goal is to be part of one of these categories and establish a successful startup, you should consider pursuing a course. There are various courses available in Delhi NCR that cater to aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to set up their startups.

The duration of these courses mostly depends on the college or university you’re pursuing it from like Certificate in Innovation, Startup and Entrepreneurship is a 6-month course, Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship, Bcom in Entrepreneurship etc.

Let’s understand some popular and notable choices as well which are often pursued by students –

1. BBA/ BBA in Family Business & Entrepreneurship are both undergraduate courses and the length of the program is 3 years of college studies. This course will help students deal with the dynamic industry and tackle the competition with varied tactics.

2. Diploma in Entrepreneurship
This is a 1-year undergraduate program that caters to business management. It’s suitable for students who aspire to start up their own business and learn entrepreneurial skills like risk-taking, innovation, leadership etc.

3. MBA in Entrepreneurship
A 2-year course where you learn how to raise capital, manage people, analyse the market, understand the new industry trends etc. Many colleges in Delhi offer this course including Rishihood University.

4. Post Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Development
Another 1-year intensive program that trains students to pursue their dream to start their own business. This program aims to offer experiential learning and presenting opportunities/fields to kickstart your venture.

Entrepreneurship courses are growing and are being offered by various universities/colleges in Delhi. Venture funding can play an essential role in the survival and sustenance of a startup and while it is not offered by every college, Rishihood University does.

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