This programme will help you become a professional at understanding, analysing and discussing the literary works that you find inspirational. The program covers the English Renaissance of the 16th century to contemporary English texts. You will learn the nuances of literary as well as practical English as you meander through the historical, cultural and social notions of English as well as political conflicts, disasters, and empires that the language has been associated with. The programme will enable you to focus on your linguistic skills and polish your analytical and research skills for your professional career. It also gives you an understanding of human existence, society and culture.

Programme Highlights

The programme has an interdisciplinary structure that allows you the fluidity to explore subjects beyond your chosen discipline. Some key highlights of the programme are:

  • Gain a broad perspective through knowledgeable texts
  • Learn to analyse literature than just reading for understanding
  • Vital skills and ample knowledge is acquired through internships and field visits
  • Graduate as a confident and efficient communicator

Programme Outcomes & Career Scope

Graduates with an English major can opt for a professional career or pursue postgraduate studies in different fields like mass communication, media studies, philosophy, and more. You will acquire the skills to succeed in publishing, media and arts. It opens doors to career opportunities in the private sector and gives the flexibility to choose your niche. Effective communication and creative skills that you learn throughout the course serve you well in your career prospects. Some of the top positions that you can explore are copywriter, media planner, bloggers, critics, journalist, teacher, social media marketer, translator and more.

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