Re-building and ‘re-dressing’: How humanities and social sciences can help heal Indian civilisation

The genocide of the Indic people is not an inadvertent consequence of economic exploits by...
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Rishihood University launches new research cell, forms a ‘Knowledge Society’

Rishihood University has inaugurated a cell dedicated to nation building and thought-production through academic research....
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AICTE’s IKS Division Approves Grants for Two Research Proposals of Rishihood University Faculty

The Indian Knowledge Systems (IKS) Division of AICTE, an innovative cell operating under the Ministry...
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Trends Of Road Accidents in India: Occurrence, Variations and Prevention

A road accident occurs when there’s a car crash or a car accident resulting in...
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ऋषिवाक्यम् – Thus says the Rishi

अग्ने व्रतपते व्रतं चरिष्यामि तच्छकेयं तन्मे राध्यताम्। इदमहमनृतात् सत्यमुपैमि॥ agne vratapate vrataṁ cariṣyāmi tacchakeyaṁ tanme...
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Impact of Russia-Ukraine war on global economy

Following the path of globalisation, today, every country’s economy is interconnected, and any conflict between...
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