B-Slam Workshop

Business Slam

Nurturing young entrepreneurs

Business Slam (B-Slam) uses principles of design thinking and startup planning to expose students to the concepts of identifying an opportunity, creating a meaningful intervention, generating revenue and providing what the people need.

If we observe the global trends on the publicly traded companies, many companies that are in the top 5 now did not even exist 10 years ago. We need to nurture ‘entrepreneurship’, the capacity to not only start companies but also to think creatively and ambitiously. India being the fastest growing major economy, there is a huge potential for the ‘opportunity driven entrepreneurship’.

Entrepreneurial skills are skills for life. Initiated by the School of Entrepreneurship at Rishihood University, B-Slam promotes entrepreneurship education in K-12 schools.

Workshop Highlights

  • Designed to foster entrepreneurship at a young age, B-Slams are ideal for school students of grades 11, and 12.

  • Format: The students are given a problem statement and they work in teams to develop a business model around it.

  • Duration: It’s a 3 hours hands-on workshop

  • Since promoting entrepreneurship education is aligned with Rishihood University’s mission, We do not charge any fee to conduct the B-Slam.


K12 schools which recognize that success lies in creating an entrepreneurial attitude in their students rather than a job-seeking attitude.

How to enroll my school

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Looking for additional information? Please feel free to drop us an email at mail@rishihood.edu.in with the subject as ‘Business Slam’.

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