CARE – Centre for Student Achievement, Resources, and Enrichment

CARE is here to help you be yourself and train you for your future.

The most important tool in the quest for success is self-confidence, which is a reflection of your own personality. We need motivation, determination, dedication, and perseverance to compete in the race for success. 

CARE is a specially designed department at Rishihood University that is committed to student achievement, success, and empowerment so as to ensure that no student is left behind from the forces of change taking place in India and the world. CARE believes that we cannot use 20th-century solutions to solve 21st-century problems and thus, believes in taking all students on a journey of self-discovery and transformation to achieve success in what they do. This is done by covering various topics and situations, to one’s personality development by kindling one’s potential and enhancing it manifold in a non-taxing, self-educative, and easy to absorb approach.