Career Pathways for MBA students

Are you planning for higher studies? Wondering whether MBA would be a good idea? It’s not unusual to wonder what would be the career path or job prospects after getting a degree in a particular course. Depending on where you’re going to study for the degree, you’ll need to check the job prospects in that particular country or region.

After doing an MBA there are different career paths that you can embark upon. With the ability, skills and ambition you’re bound to find yourself in a good place and in a great position. While you’re studying this course you’ll learn different skills like people management, networking, leadership and various others. These factors are essential in terms of starting a business or getting hired for a managerial position.

Here are some of the careers that you can take up after doing an MBA – 

  1. Business Consultant – In this role, you’ll be giving your expertise in a particular area such as security, management, accountancy, law, human resources, marketing, finance, engineering, science, digital transformation or any of many other specialized fields for companies. With an MBA degree, you’ll be qualified to consult in business administration, development & management. You’ll be helping the companies in meeting their desired goal.

There are various role titles involved in this career path. 

  1. Business Development Manager – These people are strategists, marketers and networkers. They help in companies growth by tapping into new revenue opportunities, improving their digital presence and finding new customers. It involves technical as well as strategic thinking. A lot of research goes into this kind of role.
  2. Entrepreneur – There are many people who’ll tell you that a degree cannot teach you how to be an entrepreneur. However, that’s not true for every person. If you’re a new business service or idea in mind, you need to know what kind of strategy or skills would you use to progress and make your service or idea a product to sell. It’s these simple skills that can tell you how you can turn your artistic skills into a small business.

With an MBA, you’re not just qualified but also have a sense of how the business industry may react best when it comes to your idea or product. In fact, there are many universities like Rishihood University that offer MBA in Entrepreneurship itself and also help some students in venture funding or growing their startup.

  1. Product Manager/Marketing Manager/Finance Manager – Based on specific fields and your interest, you can work as a manager and oversee the functionality of your department. Your experience, strategic thinking and long term planning will help structure future decisions in terms of finances or product promotion or marketing.
  1. General Manager – This is a senior management position wherein you have the capability and skills to manage managers. Suppose you’re a senior manager and getting an MBA degree would just give you the edge and better understanding along with the title. A position of this kind requires leadership and management expertise which are the core subjects of an MBA.

One of the major factors of having a sense of direction for your career after an MBA is also about how you’ve been taught the course. To have teachers who can encourage you and get the opportunity to meet or hear from inspiring business figures really turns around your experience towards the business industry. Rishihood University is one of the places that conduct such speaker sessions and networking opportunities.

So, it’s essential that you find the right university to study at to be an MBA graduate who will be able to evaluate business environments and opportunities. Also, someone who can devise strategies for responding effectively to problems, threats, and opportunities that may cross their path.

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