Understanding Academic Freedom

If you are in the field of education you would be very familiar with the term academic freedom. It was designed to give teachers the freedom to differ in their ideology, in their thought process and to challenge the existing wisdom without fear of persecution by administrators and repercussions on...
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BIMSTEC Reaffirms PM Modi-Led Govt’s Strategic Focus

The latest diplomatic outreach was not the first time, when heads of a regional organisation were invited to an occasion of national importance.
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Thought on Education

Our education system has today discarded or reduced the emphasis on art, music, physical education, and healthy lifestyle which were considered as necessary education for life. Somewhere while moving with time we just tilted our focus on those areas that could be tested and we could rank our students on...
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Sri Lanka Bombings and the Spreading Arc of ISIS in India

ISIS has been losing territorial control, its penetration into South Asia shows that in terms of ideology, it has managed to find substantial traction.
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Earning Curve vs Learning Curve

When we enter the workforce, we are at a certain level of our learning curve while our earning curve just takes off. As we grow, the difference between our learning curve and earning curve plays an important factor in success. In fact, the learning curve has a high impact on...
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