BBA vs. B Com

Exploring the Terrain of Business Education With BBA Course Details

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) stands as a cornerstone for aspiring business leaders, offering a comprehensive understanding of the diverse facets of the corporate world. This dynamic undergraduate program immerses students in the fundamental principles of management, economics, finance, marketing, and more. BBA education goes beyond theoretical concepts, emphasizing...
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b.des in fashion design

Ignite Your Creativity & Design Your Future with a Bachelor in Fashion Design

Fashion designing is amongst the most creative fields that include the art of creating clothing and accessories while keeping pace with revolutionizing trends and individual preferences. Designers play a great role in shaping the visual language of culture, mirroring societal attitudes and personal expression via their creations. In the rapidly...
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International Conference on Universal-Integral Multilevel Education in the Spirit of the New Age

International Conference on Universal-Integral Multilevel Education in the Spirit of the New Age Organised by International Scientific School of Universology in association with the Centre for Human Sciences, Rishihood University, Sonipat India On 3-4 February 2024 At The International Centre Goa, Dona Paula, Goa Day 1: The inaugural day of...
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Revealing the Admission Interview: A Closer Look at Entrepreneurial Candidates

As the admissions process for our unique undergraduate degree in Entrepreneurship opens, the most frequently asked question is “What do you look for in an interview?” This question is important, given the diverse backgrounds and paths of successful entrepreneurs. Going through these interviews, we encounter a myriad of personalities –...
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BBA Course Details-Complete Guide

BBA Course Details: A Complete Guide to Duration, Eligibility, & Career Options

India’s surging economy has led to an escalating need for BBA graduates, witnessing an increasing demand in recent times. With a burgeoning job market and a remarkably low unemployment rate among BBA graduates, pursuing this course offers a promising avenue for students seeking secure career opportunities post-graduation. The Bachelor of...
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