Ancient Advancements in Robotics and Machines

Ancient Advancements in Robotics and Machines: Unraveling the Secrets of Samarangana Sutradhara

Introduction The history of robotics and machinery in ancient India remains a fascinating topic, often overlooked in modern narratives. However, the ancient texts like Artha Shastra, Samarangana Sutradhara, Valmiki Ramayana, Vyasa’s Mahabharatha, Vaimanika Shastra – Yantra Sarvasva (seemingly of doubtful origin), and Yantrarnava provide intriguing descriptions and mentions of robots...
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Bachelor of Fashion Design Course Details: A Guide to Sketch Your Success

Fashion design is a growing industry with many opportunities for designers. The fashion industry is expanding rapidly in India, and there is a growing demand for fashion designers. The retail trade industry is also expected to grow, which will increase the demand for fashion designers in the near future. The...
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Exploring the Colours of Onam

India, a land known for its vibrant diversity, hosts a multitude of festivals, among which Onam shines as a radiant star. Celebrated in the picturesque state of Kerala, often referred to as “God’s Own Country,” Onam is a cherished harvest festival that encapsulates the essence of unity and diversity. This...
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Exploring the Nexus of Spirituality and Politics with Sri Aurobindo

In the heart of intellectual exploration, moments leave an indelible mark on our understanding of the world. Rishihood University’s Center for Human Science recently played host to two such transformative sessions, both guided by the expertise of Dr. Lakshmi Bandlamudi, a distinguished psychology professor at LaGuardia College, City University of...
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Unveiling the Depths of Kashmir Shaivism: A Recap of the Profound Session

In the realm of spiritual exploration, there are moments that stand out as transformative milestones. Such an occasion unfolded on the 22nd of July, 2023, when the renowned scholar, Acharya Prof. Sthaneshwar Timalsina, graced an audience with his illuminating insights on Kashmir Shaivism. The session, hosted by the Vimarsha Foundation,...
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Mindful Gamification and Mental Well-being

I was fortunate to have participated in a recently conducted workshop on ‘Gamification’ conducted at Rishihood University by Aman Gopal, the visionary founder of Khol Khel. The session commenced with an anecdote shared by Mr. Gopal about his daughter’s interest in board games like Ludo. Concerned about the potential negative...
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Manorishi Conclave: Illuminating Insights and Collaborative Connections for Psychology Educators and Counsellors

The realm of psychology is a dynamic and evolving field, continuously unveiling new insights into the complexities of the human mind and behavior. In the pursuit of fostering knowledge exchange, igniting innovative discussions, and fostering meaningful connections, the School of Education at Rishihood University orchestrated an exclusive one-day event that...
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Transforming Dreams into Reality Nurturing Academic Innovations from Lab to Market

Transforming Dreams into Reality: Nurturing Academic Innovations from Lab to Market

In the dynamic realm of scientific discovery and innovation, the journey from laboratory breakthroughs to real-world applications is a path less traveled but laden with boundless opportunities. Such was the focus of the illuminating event titled “Lab to Market: Nurturing Academic Innovations”. The session convened a gathering of inquisitive minds...
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UnHackathon 2023: Empowering Youth for Health and Well-being

Unlocking Innovations to Transform Healthcare and Well-being UnHackathon 2023 marked a significant milestone in promoting the health and well-being of youth. Hosted on July 29th at Rishihood University, Sonipat, Delhi NCR, in partnership with Aarogyaseva, this event aimed to empower young minds to take ownership of their physical and mental...
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Shedding Light on the Journey to Mastering the Mind

Avadhānakalā – Shedding Light on the Journey to Mastering the Mind

(In the last episode on Avadhānaklā we provided a brief introduction to the art of Avadhānakalā. In this episode our focus is on how the mind of the Avadhāni function.) The human mind is a mysterious and powerful entity capable of achieving remarkable feats. However, most of us remain unaware...
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