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Blockchains and Public Governance

Using blockchain as the base technology, a number of use cases have been developed – including use cases for governance and public policy.
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Assumptions in Empirical Inferences and the Case of GDP

Brainstorming needs to happen regarding the ideation of prosperity and wellbeing so that a holistic framework to view life can be developed in getting the right perspective to growth.
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Behavioural Game Theory approach to inclusive growth

Game theory is the study of how interacting choices of economic agents produce outcomes with respect to the preferences of those agents.
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Libertarian Paternalism and Dharma

Is there a way out of this unceasing struggle between Liberty and Authority?
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Indic Approach to the Nature of Human Behaviour

The article aims to compile the salient features of human nature relevant to economics that emerged as a product of exploration by various Indian saints.
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