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How Lenin Tried to Foment Communist Revolution in India

The story of how Indian communists worked for two years from 1939-1941, for Hitler and Stalin and tried to foment a communist revolution in India, is a well-known one.
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How Turkey and Germany Planned Holy Jihad Against India

To provide a superficial pan-Indian legitimacy to this overtly Islamist plan, an Indian Raja called Mahendra Pratap was chosen to accompany the invading German-Turkish force in Persia.
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Kaiser, Sultan and the Holy Jihad in India

There was another axis of evil that was rotating in Constantinople, the capital of the Islamic Ottoman Empire.
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The Race for Lhasa: The Great Game Series

It is in the race for Lhasa, Tibet’s capital, that the world witnessed the last phase of the Great Game One.
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Hindu Deities in Central Asia: A Forgotten Chapter of History

Unidentified vigrahas were found in many of the homes in these ancient cities frozen in time and buried in the sand...
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