Kislay Ranjan


Method in Madness: Analyzing Trump’s Trade Policies for India

Out of the many policies of Trump, his lasting legacy will be defined by his trade policies. Major trade decision by Trump is the formulation of the US Mexico Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA). However, it was his trade war with China (and India) that changed the landscape of international trade.
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Guardian of the seas: Indian Navy

While the Indian Navy has successfully guarded the 7500 km long coastline, it lacks resources and technology to face the upcoming adversities especially when China is making newer inroads in the Indian Ocean.
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Rafale Jet

Increasing the strength of IAF: Rafale and Beyond

The intrusion of China in the Galwan valley flared up Indo-Chinese border. India is exploring the diplomatic channel while preparing itself for other eventualities by executing strategic deals like that of Rafale.
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API: The key to being the true Pharmacy of the World

Can India address the Achilles' heel in its supply chain to become the true 'pharmacy' of the world?
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