Will the autonomy of higher education institutions be undermined by the new UGC guidelines?

Delve into the debate surrounding the new UGC guidelines and their implications for the autonomy of higher education institutions. While some argue that these guidelines may impede institutional autonomy, others believe they are necessary for standardization and quality assurance. Understand the differing perspectives and weigh the potential consequences of these...
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Public Examination Bill 2024: Why creation of transparency during exams is much more than a bill?

Dive into the significance of the Public Examination Bill 2024, which transcends mere legislation to address the crucial aspect of transparency in examinations. Discover why fostering transparency is imperative for ensuring fairness, integrity, and trust in the examination process. Explore further to understand how this bill aims to reshape the...
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Rishihood University Launches a Global Certification Program on Leadership and Practice in Lactation and Breastfeeding

Rishihood University introduces a pioneering Global Certification Program centered on Leadership and Practice in Lactation and Breastfeeding. This innovative initiative aims to empower professionals with specialized skills and knowledge in supporting maternal and infant health. Dive into the details of this transformative program designed to address critical gaps in healthcare...
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Rishihood University and Matsushita Institute of Government and Management Forge Strategic Collaboration

Rishihood University and Matsushita Institute of Government and Management join forces in a strategic collaboration aimed at fostering academic excellence and innovation. This partnership seeks to combine expertise and resources to advance education, research, and societal impact. Through shared values and goals, both institutions are poised to create transformative opportunities...
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Budget 2024 Reactions: Insights from Education Sector Experts

Discover Shri Shobhit Mathur’s insightful commentary on Budget 2024’s educational implications, as featured in Education Times, The Hans India, Shiksha, and Education World. Gain valuable perspectives on fostering innovation, empowering women, and skill development aligning with the government’s agenda. Read for comprehensive coverage on the above links.
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