GCE hosted National Seminar on ‘Integral Education of Sri Aurobindo and its Implications for India’s National Resurgence through Quality Teacher Education at Govt. College of Education under the aegis of IQAC and RUSA on 22nd February. Seminar was inaugurated by Prof. Sampadananda Mishra. He reiterated that the aim of Integral education is to amalgamate life,...
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A prominent NRI from Boston commented recently at a lecture that for the last four decades, he has been hearing that India is at a crossroads. Till when will we continue to be at the crossroads, he lamented. Suresh Prabhu & Sahil Aggarwal are, respectively, a former Union cabinet minister, and co-founder and CEO of...
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The most important way to limit screen time would be to model that behaviour for your children to build their faculty of Viveka. They are great observers and follow most of our habits and mannerisms. Set positive examples for them, like taking care of your health, engaging in social situations, pursuing your goals and hobbies,...
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Tips to make concepts approachable and learning more fun for children
Studies shouldn’t be a burden for kids; instead, they should be full of experiments, creativity, exploration, and unconventional learning. Check out ways to make concept easy and learning fun for children. Read more at:
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Global South countries will resolve environmental challenges: Round Table at Think 20
The two-day event concluded with a visit of the participants to world heritage Buddhist stupas of Sanchi. Moderator and vice chancellor of Rishihood University, Sonepat, Shobhit Mathur said the Global South is the voice of India and the priorities of the Global South are the priorities of India. Read more at:
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Use G20 to Expand Consciousness
One idea can change the world. On Swami Vivekananda’s Jayanti Shobhit Ji, Co-founder and Vice Chancellor, RU wrote on how his articulation of Vedanta as expanded and inclusive consciousness continues to be a powerful idea to this day. PM Modi has adopted the same civilizational idea as the theme for the G20 presidency that India...
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We need biographies written of our great academic institutions
While nation-building sounds like an inspiring and a charming idea, it takes the boring decades of building institutions to make it happen. How do we inspire the next generation of institution builders in India? Read more at:
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Rishihood way of learning: Leading to curiosity
As my 2-year-old daughter shows her new tantrums every day, her curious mind, with endless questions, amazes me about the capability of the human mind. Not just my daughter but every child is born with innate possibilities, but sadly, our current education system has failed to nurture them. Instead, it creates factory workers with the...
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Learning with Machine Learnings
The bot has the ability to understand natural language and respond in natural language with impressive precision and creativity. Shri Suresh Prabhu, Chancellor, and Shri Shobhit Mathur, Vice-Chancellor, at Rishihood University write on the new developments in AI and their impact on teachers and education. Read more at:
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Why Education
A question that people would often ask me is why did you get into education? You are from IIT, you could have taken up a corporate job or built a startup. Keeping aside the personal interest and proclivity, that drive perhaps all conscious action, there is a purpose for which I chose to work in...
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