India has An Opportunity to Lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Our latest article in Mint, Co-authored by Chancellor Suresh Prabhu ji and Co-Founder and Vice Chancellor Shobhit Mathur ji, illuminates India’s path to leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution. India’s momentous potential stems from digital infrastructure, youthful talent, and a vibrant startup ecosystem. However, to seize this opportunity, challenges must be...
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INDEPENDENCE DAY SPECIAL: 77 years of holistic Indian education and its progress from classless learning to online AI and gamification modules

As India commemorates its 77th Independence Day, the nation’s educational trajectory stands at a transformative crossroads. Since gaining independence in 1947, India’s education system has undergone significant changes while grappling with its share of challenges. From laying the foundation of educational institutions to implementing progressive policies, the country has persistently...
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The idea of India: Fostering 77 years of inclusive education

In the dawn of India’s 77th Independence Day, the nation stands at a crossroads, its rich history and diversity echoing through time. Amidst the various achievements since 1947, education remains pivotal. Shobhit Mathur, Co-founder and Vice Chancellor of Rishihood University, delves into the dynamic landscape of education, where increased enrollment...
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Universities Should Lead the Way as We Adapt to the Future of Work

As the job landscape undergoes a dramatic transformation, universities face the critical task of preparing students for the future of work. The World Economic Forum’s recent report highlights the need for adapting curricula, fostering essential skills, and embracing lifelong learning to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving job market....
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Takes Two To Be Knowledgeable

The article titled “Takes Two To Be Knowledgeable” discusses the increasing trend of students in the US opting for dual majors, combining computer science with humanities or other disciplines. It highlights the benefits of this approach, such as expanding students’ skill sets, broadening career prospects in a digitizing world, and...
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Women at the Helm: Shaping the Future of Education in a World of Human-Machine Synergy

Welcome to an inspiring exploration of the future of education and the powerful role women play in shaping it. In a captivating article featured in Financial Express, Soumya Aggarwal, COO of Rishihood University, delves into the dynamic realm of human-machine synergy and its implications for the education sector. Discover how...
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Insight of Higher Education and Future of Learning

Discover the innovative vision driving Rishihood University forward. Read an insightful conversation with Shri Shobhit Mathur, Vice Chancellor, as he delves into the unique and impactful approach to education. From leadership to learning, here’s what makes the University stand out from the rest. Read more at:
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GCE hosted National Seminar on ‘Integral Education of Sri Aurobindo and its Implications for India’s National Resurgence through Quality Teacher Education

GCE hosted National Seminar on ‘Integral Education of Sri Aurobindo and its Implications for India’s National Resurgence through Quality Teacher Education at Govt. College of Education under the aegis of IQAC and RUSA on 22nd February. Seminar was inaugurated by Prof. Sampadananda Mishra. He reiterated that the aim of Integral...
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India must become a knowledge republic as it charts its way ahead

A prominent NRI from Boston commented recently at a lecture that for the last four decades, he has been hearing that India is at a crossroads. Till when will we continue to be at the crossroads, he lamented. Suresh Prabhu & Sahil Aggarwal are, respectively, a former Union cabinet minister,...
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