Shobhit Mathur


Qualities of a good speaker – Lessons from Sri Rama’s meeting with Hanuman

In the context of contemporary social ways and mores, there is an increasingly felt need for real leaders who can steer India towards glory, based on its ancient, accumulated wisdom.
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Why the name ‘Rashtram’?

Our idea of Rashtra is the land, the people, their shared values, culture, approach towards life and the divine, the shared heroes, myths and legends, etc. Rashtra is conscious by itself and has a spiritual goal.
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Sri Rama’s Lessons on Public Leadership

The beauty of the Indian epics is that they are not merely historical records. They carry timeless lessons for humanity. Every generation has read them and applied it in their context.
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Sri Krishna – An Immortal Civilisational Leader

Right through Krishna's life, he faced adversity but each time he sailed through it. In the end, he left behind a unified strong civilisation-state governed on the basis of Dharma
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Why do we Need a Systemic Transformation in India?

Most of today’s systems and institutions are a legacy of foreign rule, that are ill-suited to govern this country. But, they have failed to deliver their intended outcomes even after 7 decades of independence.
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