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The Elixir of Life

With rising pollution levels and Climate change, the water cycle is expected to undergo significant change all across the world. India is already facing water scarcity with a current population size of 1.3 billion which will increase to 1.6 billion by 2050.

We need to act and we need to act now. The Center for Water is a collaborative project with civil society and government to ensure water sustainability.


One Million Water Saviors

We aim to reach out to 1 million Nisarga Rakshaks (water saviors) – one volunteer for every village in the
country – to carry out activities at the local level.  This will be done in close collaboration with social organizations, volunteers, and institutions.


Local, District, State, National

The project is being implemented through four divisions: State → District → Taluka → Village.

Best practices and low-cost methods from local initiatives on environmental conservation and water rejuvenation are being used to strategize new initiatives for conserving water resources and protecting the environment.

Data and Technology

A Dynamic Feedback Loop

‘Nature Protector App’ has been created to help the volunteers. Participating environmentalists will be able to combine time-tested experience and consistent entrepreneurship. The app will continue to be an open platform for all young and old, from school children to senior citizens participating in the campaign.

Continuously, relevant data will be fed to a dashboard to help the government and non-government stakeholders in making decisions.

Our Mentor

The project is mentored by internationally acclaimed public thinker and sustainability champion Shri Suresh Prabhu. He is the founding chancellor of Rishihood University, a senior parliamentarian and former union minister in the Government of India.

Message from the Director

The alarming scarcity of water will eventually lead us to water wars of an unprecedented scale if the issue  continues to remain unaddressed. Our initiative will help in defining more relevant and effective strategies for conserving water, an essential natural resource necessary for human survival. We aim to utilize the great potential of our youth for the right management of our water resources throughout the country.

Sanjay Gupta
Director, Center for Water
Rishihood University

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