The Role and Relevance of Knowledge Management in New Education Policy 2022

The Centre for Human Sciences in association with Central Library at Rishihood University organised a webinar on the Role and Relevance of Knowledge Management in New Education Policy 2022: Indian Philosophical Viewpoint on 10th July 2022. Dr Priya M Vaidya, Professor of Philosophy at University of Mumbai explained the importance of value based life and the Indian approach to education. She emphasised that the Indian approach has always been to make a movement from knowledge towards wisdom and that the Indian knowledge has always had the spiritual dimension. She differentiated between the modes and methods of knowledge management in India and the West and explained that for the westerns, knowledge management is specifically oriented towards the effective use of knowledge within a company whereas the Indian method is focused towards integration, holistic development, has a strong epistemological base and is grounded in the four purusharthas of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. She stressed that the holistic approach to knowledge management is not just focused towards production of an employable workforce but also an empathetic workforce. She highlighted the need for sustainable development, technological advancement, multidisciplinary abilities and the connection between the human mind and the machine. She also stressed upon the need for creation of scholarship media in India and emphasised that India can learn professionalism from the West while the West can learn spirituality from India, thereby leading towards the creation of true global citizens. 

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