School of Creativity

Bachelor of Visual Arts

Bachelor of Visual Arts

Bachelor of Visual Arts is a four-year Undergraduate Programme offered by the School of Creativity at Rishihood University. The programme will commence with one year of Foundation Programme followed by 3 years of specialisation offered.

The Visual Arts programme challenges students to think & write critically about the past, present and future of visual culture. Students will learn to analyse art objects and artefacts, art movements and culture from the perspectives of historians, theorists, writers and makers.

The programme will enable students to handle applied art, crafts, history, communication, photography, digital art projects, public art, performing arts and interactive installations. They will learn in state-of-the-art infrastructure with access to high-end professional digital tools and top-of-the-line studios and equipment.

  • Diversified training joining the humanistic approach to research and experimentation labs
  • Students can experiment in order to develop higher creative skills as well as their own language, and thereby get started for the job market
  • Regular field trips and seminars for a greater understanding of visual material, enabling students to analyse and contextualise what they see within the social and historical phenomena
  • A holistic approach where skills sets and technology will go hand in hand
  • Delivered in a modular format to help students focus on their studies
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