Master of Design
Fashion Textile & Innovation

Fashion Textile and Innovation is an integrated program. The next generation of clothing, the smart wear made with intelligent textiles is the way forward for Fashion Industry. 

This course is vital for anyone who wishes to learn and want to work in the fashion industry. This course will enable you to understand and learn new innovations and new styles to set new trends, collaborating with brands and starting your own label.

What will you study?


This course offers students an opportunity to learn about the cultures of fashion and dress through the lens of critical fashion history and theory. Students will learn and develop high-level writing, research and analytical skills to interrogate fashion as global industry and bodily practice.


This course is forward-thinking and challenging; it will enable students to understand and develop cross-media professional practices. Through exploration and integration of analogue and digital platforms, students will have the opportunity to produce immersive experiences using new and emerging technologies in showcasing their ideas and design developments.


This is an intensive course enabling students to develop skills required for entering the fashion industry. Based on the approach of experimentation, students are introduced to diverse approaches to research, leading towards a greater sense of integrity and identity in their designed outcomes.

It will also help students in developing their essential skills in innovative pattern-cutting and garment technology to prepare for a successful career in the commercial fashion industry.


The fashion industry is a fast-changing. There is a shift and an urgent need to reform production practices to be more agile, cleaner and smarter. Students will get an understanding of society and how to move to more sustainable practice, which involves more than material resources. The course embraces innovative ways of thinking and developing the entire product. Hence, enabling students to design and develop smart and intelligent clothing.


This course provides the critical insight into human behaviour, society and culture which are the key elements to understand and improve the human aspects of the fashion business. It emphasises the application of psychology to positively enhance the industry’s impact on its workforce, consumers and the environment.


This course will focus on the importance of sustainability for fashion practice to help shape the next generation of sustainable brands and fashion pioneers. It will also help in understanding how the fundamental production along with innovation is currently shaping the fashion industry of the future.


ELECTIVES (common for all MDes specialisations)


Photography prepares students to become professional and innovative fashion image makers, destined for a career in the creative industries.

This course applies industry innovation and practice to academic study and encourages engagement with still imagery, fashion film & new media. The practical and theoretical study of fashion photography forms the basis of this discipline, with students focusing on the exploration of identity, community, sustainability and diversity in an increasingly digital world.


equips fashion creatives and entrepreneurs with the essential skills and toolkit to launch and scale new businesses effectively and offers unrivalled networks across all sectors of the fashion industry.

Based on ‘learning by doing’ principles, the course offers a dynamic and immersive entrepreneurial experience. Team entrepreneurs learn through experimentation, by testing and validating their ideas in the ‘real world’, supported by dedicated and experienced team coaches. Bootcamps and International collaborations offer valuable insights into fashion business strategy and operations, leadership and team working in fashion-tech, fashion clothing and social enterprise, in the UK and global fashion markets.

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