Master of Design
Industrial Design

Industrial Design deals with products, services and systems addressing usability, form, function, aesthetics, material, technologies, and sustainability. Main focus of this course will be on creative thinking and problem-solving processes to bring value to industry, communities and people.

You get a great opportunity to work as an Interaction designer / UX designer, Exhibition/Retail experience designer, Product Innovator, Strategy Design expert, etc.

What will you study?

The program’s main goal is to promote a well-rounded design experience through an interdisciplinary teaching and training process. This main objective is the focus of all theoretical, technological, and managerial inputs that are covered in numerous courses, seminars, and workshops.

The program’s main goal is to utilise design as a tool to promote cultural enrichment and to interpret culture using a professional design approach. Academic exposure, while focusing on broad concerns like sustainability and other such topics, is also very pertinent to the pressing problems relating to technical, manufacturing, and marketing components of the modern industrial world.

Main courses offered in M Des Industrial Design are –

-Design Workshop

-Product interface design

-Product ergonomics

-Systems Thinking and Design

-Design research seminar

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