Death, Dying and Beyond- Coping Strategies in Ancient Wisdom By Anitya Mohanty

The candidate had applied for internship at the IKS division of AICTE and chosen Prof. Sampadananda Mishra, as her mentor. After the completion, she submitted the project to the IKS division of AICTE.

Internship title: Death, Dying and Beyond- Coping Strategies in Ancient Wisdom: A
Hermeneutic Study of the Kathopnishad

Intern name: Anitya Mohanty

Student, Sri Sri University

Director, Centre for Human Sciences, Rishihood University, Sonipat


The sound of death makes a man fearful. So fearful that it starts to assume this false identity of being able to live forever in the same form that he is now. Unfortunately, this is what brings misery to the people when someone close to their hearts passes away to another level of existence, unknown to most people, therefore, drowning them in misery and sorrow of perceiving the situation as never being able to see the person again.

This is where people find it the most difficult experience of their lives to cope with the loss of someone they loved, even if it is known to everyone that one day, we all would leave this form and transcend above. This study is an attempt to develop coping mechanisms with reference to the infinite knowledge given in the Kathopanishad – the Upanishad that speaks of Death not as a destroyer, but as a compassionate teacher who teaches a young boy of utmost intellect and urges to know the infinite- the secret of death and what is beyond. these coping mechanisms majorly focus on those who are undergoing the loss of their loved ones and those who look at death in the eye, certain of early death, due to illness or old age. however these coping mechanisms because of being born of eternal knowledge, can be accessed and applied by anyone to get closer to their own Self and learn to heal on their own.

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