For the first time,
board exams were canceled.

All due to a pandemic.

But are board exams the best way to evaluate the students anyway? Participate in the competition to join the revolution.

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Prizes and Guidelines

Amazon Kindle

To top 3 winners

Laptop Stand

To the next 5 winners


To all participants

Coffee-Table Book

All participants get a complimentary copy of an e-book with the collection of DeBoard ideas.

Social Media Feature

The 25 best ideas will get featured on social media, articles, and blogs. The students who gave those ideas will be invited for discussions.

Policy Proposal

A coherent summary will be presented to the Ministry of Education in the form of a policy proposal, containing the names of the students and schools who contributed.


Explain your idea in 300-400 words. You can use bullet points, paragraphs, examples, quotations, or whatever you like to convey the idea. It can be in any language. You will get the link to submit your idea when you register using the form above.

Deadline: 15th July 2021

Quality of the Idea

The implementation of the idea depends on how well thought-out it is. Think about the following when coming up with new ideas on evaluation and admission system:

  1. Is your proposal fair and transparent?
  2. Can it be implemented across India?
  3. Does it help the students express their knowledge, interests, and abilities?
  4. Will the universities be able to select the right students based on this process?
  5. Does it reduce the stress and the need to take multiple exams?


Students in school or those who finished their school this year are eligible to participate.

We feel the board exams are not the best way to judge a student.

Let's #DeBoard
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